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Sheet Metal Deformation Process

Sheet products are obtained by plastic deformation of metal in presses, using complex tools which called dies.

Punching is a cutting of sheet or plates operation, generally in cold, by a mechanic device which consists of two tools: punch and die. Using a strong compression punch forces it to penetrate the sheet, creating an initial elastoplastic deformation regime , followed by shearing and breaking the material by quick propagation between cutting edges of punching and die. The process ends with the removal of the cut piece.

Up to 3000 x 1250 mm. From 0,6 to 5mm thickness. 30 Tn.

A beam light of high energy causes to melt and cut the sheet. Laser cutting is base on melt and/or vaporize the sheet material by applying a high energy density (laser beam) and evacuate it with gas subsequently.
detalle Get a high quality cuts with little loss of material.
detalle It is applied for thickness in the range 0,2mm-6mm in steel, stainless steel and aluminium (among other materials).
detalle Allows the maximum flexibility: with the same laser head is possible to obtain any geometry of part by Numerical Control programming (front of punching wherein one punch is only possible to cut a geometry)

YAK laser up to 3000 x 1500 mm., up to 3 mm. thickness.
Laser TRUMPF TCL 3030. Up to 3000 x 1500 mm., up to 20 mm. thickness.
Laser INTER. Up to 3000 x 1500 mm. up to 6 mm. thickness.

Using punch and die to bend the sheet until reach a certain angle. The bend can be:
detalle Using a more complex die than incorporate other punching operations.
detalle An individual operation performed on specific machines.

Other configurations are also possible to bend, such as tube bending or roller bending.


With more than 20 years of experience in metal stamping, supplying for all sectors currently: automotive, railway, construction, appliance, etc.

Our company has its own Technical Department to design, develop and build the necessary dies and tools. It can be dies by phases, progressive,forming etc…
All kinds of materials are used : stainless steel, steel, brass, galvanized. It is available auxiliary machinery for other operations and external partners to deliver fully finished part.

Up to 100 Tn.

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