Precision machining, flexible production worldwide

EUROGAN INDUSTRIAL is a company devoted to the design and development of products by sheet forming processes, using machines and tools as high precision and speed machining centres, powerful CNC milling machines, EDM, grinders, numerical control lathe, laser cutting, etc...

With the possibility of making different tasks as tube bending, light sheet metal and st. steel pieces, reducer and multipliers, metallic structures, set and subsets, moulds, matrices, rotational moulding, thermoforming... We have a wide range of materials, weight and sizes.

Considering the values as Responsibility, Respect, Cooperation, Creativity, Honesty which permeate all the actions of company, we have fixed as a mission – satisfaction of necessities of our clients, offering products and services of quality, cooperating and committing ourselves with their projects, fulfilling those commitments.

In this way, year by year, EUROGAN INDUSTRIAL is positioning as a leading company, using modern and innovative technologies to provide services for our customers.

Thanks to the implementation of a quality management system, EUROGAN INDUSTRIAL demonstrates its ability to provide consistently products and services which meet the requirements of client and applicable regulation.



Zaragoza, is a hexagon shape geographical centre formed by Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Bilbao. It is a key point in Southeast Europe.
It is located in the centre of an area, which within a radius of 350 kilometers, brings together 60% of the Spanish industry and 80% of its Gross Domestic Product.

circulo Air transport: The airport of Zaragoza, with growing air cargo activity, has positioned itself since 2009 as the third airport in Spain according to volume of goods. In 2013 there were moved 71 661 tons of cargo, with a clear predominance of textile products, which means over 50% of transported merchandise.
circulo Railway transport: The transport of goods on the major traffic and growing line in Spain (Zaragoza- Barcelona).
circulo Road transport: Zaragoza is well connected with national and European road networks, via axis of Ebro and Mediterranean and Atlantic highways , by the central passage of Somport, with the forthcoming execution of North-South axis.


10.0000 m2 are perfectly equipped by modern technology of production to assure that products meet maximum requirements (460 m2 of offices, 7.500 m2 of factory hall, 2.500 m2 of exterior surface).



circulo The latest technology in machining parts and CNC programming
circulo Precision machining and in large dimensions
circulo We create the piece you need
circulo From design to the finished part or component
circulo Machining on various types of materials
circulo Flexible production worldwide
circulo Optimization and development of the machining process
circulo We offer flexible solutions adapted to your type of product
circulo We have a workshop equipped with machinery-tool to perform all types of labours
circulo Cutting-edge technology in numerical control machines and control means